​MITA Consulting Ltd was established in 2011 in Aotearoa New Zealand by Educational Director, David Edgar. Dave has over 30 years in the Electrical Supply Industry. MITA brings together a skilled team of professional, committed Kaiako (Educators) who each have many years of experience in the electrical supply industry as well a team of experienced administration professionals dedicated to supporting both Kaiako and Ākonga (learners).


​”Mai i te kōpae ki te urupa, tatou ako tonu ai – from the cradle to the grave we are forever learning”.

​MITA Consulting’s mission is to contribute to the creation of a skilled workforce in the electricity supply industry through the provision of targeted, safety-focused training and mentoring.


MITA Consulting Ltd aims to champion the development of future skills and trades, guaranteeing a proficient workforce for the Electricity Supply Industry. Our training programs prioritize safety and excellence, empowering learners to enhance their performance and cultivate a strong safety mindset, ultimately boosting their productivity on the job.
Every training activity we offer has a positive impact on our clients’ business performance. We provide captivating training that motivates individuals to achieve their full potential. Our overarching vision is to raise awareness of an often overlooked industry, foster support for learners, employers and local communities and establish a robust and sustainable vocational education and training system. This system will be capable of equipping learners, employers and communities with the necessary skills to thrive and succeed.


​MITA offers quality, experience and integrity. We are a trusted provider of a range of services including training and assessing, safety and EWRB refreshers, EWRB examinations and network-specific WTC courses. We can tailor our courses to match your staff’s requirements.

​Please contact training@mitaconsulting.co.nz to discuss.


​You can view our 2023 – 2028 Strategic and Business Plan by emailing training@mitaconsulting.co.nz

​MITA received ISO 9001 certification in September 2019.

​MITA Consulting Ltd has been appointed as Technical Experts by TELARC in the Electrical Supply Industry (Distribution).