Student Complaints/Appeals

Complaint Process

Step One

Student (or other complainant expresses concern (academic issue to the trainer) - if the complainant is uncomfortable with this approach, or is unsatisfied with the outcome, he/ she should approach MITA Senior Management.

Step Two 

If a MITA Senior Manager cannot address the complaint to the satisfaction of the complainant, and/or considers the complaint is of a serious nature, he/she will request the complainant to put the complaint in writing in a formal letter

The MITA Senior Manager will acknowledge receipt of the letter within three working days of receipt.

Step Three

The MITA Senior Manager will meet with at least two staff members, and a member of the relevant ITO if appropriate, to consider the complaint /academic issue and convey a decision on the outcome within 10 working days of receiving the formal complaint.

If the complainant is still not satisfied, proceed to step four

Step Four

Student must be advised of the next procedure: the NZQA complaint process [; Human Rights Commission, OSH, legal remedies etc., should he or she choose this course of action.

Appeal Procedures

Students are required to notify MITA Consulting Ltd in writing of their appeal within seven working days following the academic decision against which they are appealing.


The Senior Management Team will notify members of the committee of the pending appeal hearing and prepare all documentation relevant to the appeal.


The committee will meet within ten working days of receiving written notification of the appeal.


The decision of the committee – and the reason(s) for that decision - will be notified to the student in writing, as soon as practicable after the committee meeting.

Should the student remain dissatisfied with the decision of MITA Consulting Ltd then they may contact Te Pukenga (Connexis).


Students are also advised at orientation that they may contact NZQA if they experience difficulties with any of these internal and external procedures.