Criteria for awarding Unit Standards

​​MITA awards Unit Standard credits for NZQA and industry-specific courses based on several criteria:

  • you passed the course

  • you satisfactorily completed your log book as required

  • your employer provided the required paperwork for the course (e.g. attestations, evidence, observations).  Note these requirements differ from course to course.  Your trainer will advise you of requirements though MITA will have advised your employer, and requested the paperwork prior to the course starting.

MITA reserves the right to withhold awarding of credits if it is waiting on required paperwork.  Note this includes satisfactorily completed log books.


A report is provided to employers following course completion.  Courses will either be awarded as:

  • A - Achieved

    • This will appear on your Record of Achievement once all required information has been submitted.​

  • N - Not Achieved

    • This outcome will be immediately addressed and a plan put in place for reassessment.