Log Book Requirements

The NZQA New Zealand Certificate in Electrical Supply is awarded to people who have demonstrated competence in the skills and knowledge required for employment as a Line Mechanic. 


Trainees completing this qualification spend 225 hours with MITA over the course of their training.  Of the 2,290 hours/exposures required by NZQA, this equates to 8% of the required hours - the remaining hours are gained during the course of their employment.

MITA developed a training log book which provides them with the means to track a trainee's on-job learning and exposures. 


MITA will consider unit standards to be incomplete and they will not award them if:

  • the entries in a student's log book are deemed to be unacceptable, or

  • there are insufficient entries or

  • they have not been signed by a licensed Technical Expert.

This requirement is one that needs to be supported by supervisors/managers and the company, given that 92% of the required hours are achieved off-course.