Vector Work Type Competencies (WTC’s) are qualifications required for work on the Vector network assets. Training for these is required to be undertaken every two years.

​MITA offers full and renewal courses for most Vector WTC classifications.

  • WTC 1 – Restricted Area Entry
  • WTC 2 – Minor Works Management
  • WTC 3 – Permit Holder
  • WTC 4 & 4A – Vegetation Works
  • WTC 5 – Low Voltage Service Connections & Street Light Works
  • WTC 6 – HV & LV De-energised Work & Live LV Work
  • WTC 7 – Cable Laying
  • WTC 7A – Cable Jointing & Terminating
  • WTC 8 – Overhead Switching
  • WTC 8A – Underground Switching
  • WTC 8B – Substation Switching
  • WTC 8C – Switching Sequence Writer

Once you complete the Vector WTC course with MITA Consulting, your company will need to provide MITA with any work competency attestations, once received MITA will award any required Unit Standards. Companies will then need to forward the final report issued by MITA to Vector or the Retailer contact depending who engages your company to undertake the work related to the WTC competency.

Vector or the Retailer will then give the final sign off to allow workers to work on the network.

Please ensure the following;

  • Your company as a PCBU deems your workers competent to work on the Vector Network in compliance with the Work Type Competency standard, USH001.
  • Your workers maintain their competence while working on the Vector Network
  • That your workers can produce a document when requested, stating their WTC’s awarded and currency
  • Adhere to industry safe work practices and maintain a safe work ethic.

Please contact Competency Operations Team Leader Nicole Adams to discuss your training requirements.