Trainee Wellbeing

MITA Consulting endeavors to consider, promote, balance and respond to all aspects of the student, including their physical, social, emotional and academic needs and wellbeing.

MITA Consulting gives every student the opportunity to provide feedback at the end of each course in order for us to improve our delivery and better serve our customers. We also hold Trainee Forums, with an external facilitator in order to open the dialogue between students and MITA Consulting. 

Self Care

Self Care is a basic building block of your overall wellness, the four tips below will help you feel physically and mentally fit to help you achieve your study goals.

Sleep - Ensuring you get a good night sleep is essential for your overall wellbeing. Check out the Ministry of Health Sleep Tips for Adults

Eat - Eating a balanced diet can have a great effect on your emotional and physical wellbeing. The Ministry of Health has put together some information to help you understand more here

Move - Exercising is vital for a healthy body and a healthy mind, here is some information to get you started. Health Navigator NZ

Breathe - Meditation and breathing can help you to relax if you are feeling anxious. This simple Triangle Breathing Technique is easy to follow. 

Study Tips

  • Work out a study schedule

  • Give yourself goals to achieve

  • Summarise all your notes

  • Study frequently for short periods

  • Neat notes and diagrams

  • Quiet place

  • Regular time

  • Read summaries / copy them out

  • Get a friend/partner to test you

  • Build up to test day, then tail off