MITA has a number of staff working for them, both in the office and in the field as either contract trainers or MITA full-time employees.

From its early beginnings back in 2011 to today, MITA has grown to a team of 4 full-time trainers and office staff; together with 8 contract trainers and a number of examiners and assessors.

MITA recognises the value these staff add to its business and regards the combined years of experience in the electricity supply industry as a huge asset to both themselves and their stakeholders.


Managing Director - Dave Edgar has worked in the industry for over 30 years.  He started his career as a line mechanic, moving through the electrical industry in a variety of roles including as a trainer, manager and sales consultant.  His extensive background and industry contacts enabled him to start MITA Consulting in 2011.


Administration Manager - Janet Edgar brings her years of experience in administration and finance to ensure MITA's administration functions operate efficiently and provide the most seamless services to all our stakeholders.

Contract Trainers

Jonathan Ackroyd

Anthony Boudier

Craig Brown

Graham Evans

Mark Knuckey

Grant Mitchell

Geoff Smith

Frank Skinner

Graham Petrie

MITA Staff

Training and Development Manager - Mark Adams 

Trainer - Jimmy Marinus

Office Manager - Stacey Edgar

Operations Assistant - Katie McKenzie

Administration Assistant - Nicole Adams