MITA Consulting Ltd has established the following Learner Code of Conduct to promote learning, support behaviour that is responsible, and to protect mutual rights.

This code applies to all learners, and on all sites where MITA is the training provider.

Learners are responsible for their behaviour within the parameters of this Code of Conduct.

A MITA Senior Management is responsible for disciplinary action where a learner/s breaches the Code of Conduct where such action is appropriate.

Learners enrolled with MITA are expected at all times to:

  • behave considerately and with respect to fellow learners and members of staff.
  • abide by New Zealand law;
  • ensure that no action or lack of action on their part results in harm to themselves or others;
  • promptly report any incident or potential incident at any site involving injury to themselves or others;
  • adhere to health and safety rules including evacuation and emergency procedures, and the organisation’s non-smoking policy;
  • take ownership of their behaviour, personal presentation and well-being;
  • participate actively and positively in the teaching and learning process;
  • use respectful and appropriate language;
  • make arrangements for the payment of any applicable fees, before attending classes.
  • not damage or deface any property related to their learning.
  • return all property in their possession that is not their own upon completing their course of study;
  • not use MITAs computing and networking facilities for the transmission of objectionable material as defined by the Films, Videos, and Publications Classification Act 1993 including, but not limited to:
    • pornography;
    • material that promotes crime or violence, or incites or instructs in matters of crime or violence;
    • material that describes or depicts material that is of a nature, that is likely to cause offence to a reasonable adult.
  • not to use training computing and networking facilities to libel, slander or harass any other person.
  • comply with all reasonable expectations of conduct during assessments and examinations, and not engage in any malpractice including plagiarism and impersonation, which may misrepresent results, or otherwise give one student an unfair advantage over others.
  • obey all administrative directives, including speed limits and parking restrictions, when driving on learning-related property.
  • conduct themselves responsibly during any field or study trip arranged by MITA as part of a course of study.
  • not consume/use and/or be in possession of alcohol and/or controlled drugs during any course of study related activity unless previously authorised by the Managing Director or in accordance with a medical prescription for that person.
  • not consume drugs and/or alcohol on any learning site, on any field trip, or in any vehicle owned by MITA, nor attend any class under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol.
  • not behave in a manner that disrupts the study environment or affects the physical or emotional well-being of other students and staff
  • not engage in harassment, bullying and fighting.
  • respect the cultural background of others and not to discriminate or harass others because of their gender, ethnicity, special needs, age, marital status, sexual orientation, religious or ethical beliefs, colour, national origins, disability, political opinion, employment status and family status.