Full and Refresher courses

​Note that all courses require staff to wear full PPE. Please ensure that you bring this with you on any MITA training courses.

Close Approach or Close Approach 10508

​This half-day course provides safety information for staff that are required to prune, maintain and remove trees or cut scrub in close proximity to electric live power lines. There is also the option to include unit standard 10508 in the course.

​Crane Training – Full/Refresher

​For staff who are required to demonstrate their knowledge, skills and experience while using truck-mounted cranes. The 2-day full course includes US 10507, 16617, 30072 and 18038.

​The Refresher course is a 1 day course for those staff who have completed the Unit Standards above.

​Electrical Theory

​Personnel who undertake this 1 day course gain knowledge of the range of objects, materials and equipment through which electricity is conducted in the industry. They also gain an understanding of electrical currents and resistance.

​HV Switching – Full / Refresher

​Allows your staff to be recognised by network owners and contractors as a competent operator and recognises skills and experience of staff that have been field switching for a period of time.

​It allows employers to cover their responsibility under the Health & Safety Act, Electricity Act and 2010 regulations by ensuring that their staff are trained on new and existing equipment.

​The full course is two days of training; the refresher course is one day.

MEWP Full / Refresher

​For personnel who are required to use a MEWP to carry out certain tasks and duties.

​The Full is a 1 day course that includes US 18272, 10507, 18038; the Refresher is a half day course.

Pole Top Rescue

​Personnel are able to do the following from an electrical structure:

  • ​Describe procedures for rescue
  • Carry out rescue of a victim
  • Report rescue from an electrical structure

It includes US 10507, 10508, 10509, 17025.

​Restricted Areas – Full

​This 1 day course is for personnel who are required to access restricted areas in an electricity supply environment.

It includes US 10507, 17026 and 20092.

​Working at Height – Full / Refresher

​Personnel gain the knowledge and experience to work safely at heights, reducing incidents associated with doing so to themselves and others. A range of structures will be covered, together with harnesses and attachments used to work safely.

​The 2-day full course includes US 10507, 10508, 10509, 17025, 18038, 23229; the 1-day refresher recaps the US.