Unparalleled expertise:

MITA offers a team of seasoned professionals with vast experience in the field, ensuring top-tier guidance and support.

Comprehensive support:

From skilled Kaiako (Educators) to dedicated administration professionals, MITA provides holistic support for both instructors and learners.

Industry relevance:

With a focus on the electrical supply industry, MITA’s training programs are tailored to meet the specific needs and challenges of the field.

Proven track record:

MITA’s commitment to excellence is evident through its track record of successful training initiatives and satisfied clients.


MITA’s competitive pricing and value-added services make it a cost-effective choice for quality training solutions.

Our distinct value-added services

  • Our provision of Crane units 16617 & 30072 as an added service by MITA, which potentially saves up to $1000 per individual compared to other providers and also eliminates the need for an additional course, saving two days of productivity.
  • The inclusion of External Assessors for Capstone Assessments in the cost of Module 5 courses
  • Ability to issue qualification certificates within 7 days upon receipt of all course paperwork.
  • MITA courses incorporate EWRB safe work practices for registration, provided as a complimentary service, and reported to the EWRB.
  • Our instructors, or Kaiako, boast decades of experience in the ESI and training industry, all holding the NZ Certificate in Adult Education.
  • Our course costs per person have remained unchanged since 2012