MITA Consulting provides a range of services within the Electricity Supply industry. From NZQA qualifications to training for Renewal, Safety and WTCs courses, talk to our General Manager if you require a specialised programme created.

We also offer Personal Development opportunities for your kaimahi (staff) with our T3 (Team Member to Team Leader) and T4 (Team Leader to Supervisor) courses.


​MITA works with new leaders whether they be supervisors, team leaders or moving into a management role. They provide experience-based advice and act as a sounding board for staff to test out their opinions or ideas on.


​MITA undertakes desktop reviews of a company’s processes to ensure that they follow industry guidelines. This allows them to identify areas where protocols are not being correctly followed, and to recommend changes to bring processes within the guidelines. These reviews are available for most disciplines in the distribution industry and include Cable Jointing, Line Mechanics and Live Line.

Work Place Assessment

​MITA offers on-site assessment of Unit Standards when staff are unable to make courses at MITA training facilities.

Procedure Development

​MITA provides experienced development of all procedures within the electricity distribution industry. This includes the development of new procedures that a company may be undertaking as well as a review of existing procedure (see Auditing).

Incident Investigation

​MITA provides independent investigations (based on industry standards) into incidents that occur on a network. This may include breaches to the Code of Practice, incidents where procedures don’t meet network standards and an independent review of a company’s findings on the incident.

If you require services in these areas, please contact

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