Log books are an essential part of the MITA training process. They record your learnings and exposures while at work, allowing MITA to track your experience at essential tasks.

​MITA requires ALL of its students to complete and submit log books throughout their qualification. You will be issued a log book during your first block course. It is expected that you will return completed log books at the start of each new course, tracking your work experience in between courses.

​New log books will be issued on return of satisfactorily completed ones.

​Requirements for completion:

  • ​Record all on-job tasks and exposures
  • Get all entries signed off by a registered person
  • Include the registered person’s current practicing licence number for each entry
  • Make sure your log book is full
  • Return the completed log book at the start of your next block course
  • Advise your supervisor immediately if loss/damage occurs to your log book.

Your log book will considered to be unsatisfactory if the above standards are not met. MITA considers unit standards in this situation to be incomplete.

Your trainer will discuss any concerns with you on the course.