Pastoral Care

Under the Education Act 1989, the Ministry of Education has released two Codes of Practice legislative frameworks that ensure a consistent approach to the welfare, safety and wellbeing, and pastoral care for domestic and international students.

The Code of Practice for the Pastoral Care of International Students was released in 2016 and amended in 2019. The Code of Practice for Domestic Students was released in 2021. Both codes contain ten outcomes relating to pastoral care as listed below.

The Domestic Code contains ten outcomes relating to pastoral care:

  1. A safe and supportive learning environment

  2. Assistance for students to meet their basic needs

  3. Physical and mental health of students

  4. Progress and personal development of students

  5. Inclusive learning environment

  6. Student voice

  7. A positive and supportive environment in student accommodation

  8. A supportive residential community

  9. Accommodation plan, administration, and operation policies

  10. Building facilities and services


MITA is committed to undertaking a self-review and continuous improvement throughout the year to adhere to the requirements of the Code of Practice for the Pastoral Care of Domestic Tertiary Students.