On-course feedback

All students receiving training from MITA will be asked to complete a course evaluation on the last day of their course. This feedback is processed by Management to allow MITA to understand the overall impression trainees had on their training. It is confidential and will not be shared with the Trainer(s) on the course.

​You will have the opportunity to rank criteria such as relevance to job, course materials provided, knowledge of the Trainer and Student Wellbeing & Safety.

​There is also space to allow you to provide free-text feedback.

​Personal Assessment Plan (PAP)

​Introduced in the later half of 2017, this plan is completed by trainees and trainers on the Module 2 and Module 4 courses. This benefits of this process is two-fold – trainees are able to track their performance across a range of different on-course criteria and mental skills; MITA is able to ensure that additional support can be provided as required and that individuals and teams are progressing as expected.

​Trainees will receive a copy of their initial plan prior to completion of the LMM5 course.